Really enough is enough with the 5 year old behavior on the field. Not if you want to knock the hell out of another player or have your scuffle on the field that's one thing but it's pure nasty and elementary to spit in someones face.Eagles center Mike McGlynn is complaining to league officials and all that will listen that Redskins safety LaRon Landry twice spit in his face during the Eagles 59-28 victory Monday night. 


Now Landry is nasty as hell for doing it and McGlynn is a punk ass for letting him do it not once but twice.Eagles Jason Avant called Landry "a dirty player" after the game, and another player said he had no respect for Landry because of his dirty play.

I say "man up" because Landry should handle himself like a man and not a child and this other guy should man all the way up and not allow someone to disrespect him in such a way. Hell I'm a woman and I wish a fool would try that on me.   Landry is of course denying the allegations and went on Twitter to beg for us to believe him.  


"To everyone who's truly redskin fan/fan of mine . . . Knows I never been a dirty player/never will!!! Supposedly I spit on the center if there's any truth to that I would have been flagged or the guy would have some sort of reaction!!! I just play hard and do anything to help the team win . . . As for as D. Jack that's my guy been home boys for awhile so to y'all who wanna read blogs/the Internet find out the truth to stories/not a writer trying to stir confusion!!! Tough lost as a hold . . . Still have a lot of fball left . . . Hail to the skins!!! Good morning!!!"


I think he did it. I mean I would hope that it's a lie but on the other hand. Why would a grown man lie and make himself look like a punk in the sport of football which is a "Man's" game? No man wants to be punked out and this is clearly what happened.. I say he was punked because he let it happen more than once. I know a player or two that would have knocked the shit out of him and took the fine and the ejection from the game. So again, why make it up? It happened....