This is one contestant that doesn't have chance in hell at receiving my vote. Not that any of them do but I'm just saying.

Hines Ward the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver will be dancing on "Dancing with the Stars," a show I only watched because Ochocinco was on and as soon as he lost I never watched again. This is just not good...unless you're a RAVENS fan. Then it may be the greatest thing ever. (As now we can yell "Twinkletoes" as Ed Reed lays him out on the field along with our usual "Rapist" as Big Ben runs from Lewis and Suggs... good times!)

So dance on little man, dance your away all the way to a season ending injury before the season even starts. Did I just type that out loud?  Now that I think about it, Flacco should join him as maybe his assistant coach on the show... they both can sit out with the same injury. I'm just saying...

Twinkletoes--- LMAO that's funny!