With the future of the 2011 NFL season still up in the air, many of its players have turned to other ventures, sports and hobbies. The PR machine, Chad Ochocinco has picked up soccer, and true to form, he's doing well with the "other" football. Hines Ward is showing his fancy footwork on "Dancing With the Stars", and is probably going to come just shy of the trophy. Ouch? Ouch. The Bucs' Aqib Talib has taken to firing guns, at his sister's boyfriend. Yes, it's a hobby in some cultures, look it up. And the always injured Chad Pennington just had to throw his name in the game of a pick up game of basketball, and get injured tearing his ACL and needing surgery. Chad, just hang it up. You are falling apart almost as badly as Charlie Sheen. Ok, nobody is that bad. How 'bout Christina Aguilera. But even she ended up on a reality tv show. Hmmm... maybe that's the wave to ride? You're down in Miami. Can't you date a Kardashian? Meanwhile, I'm over here trying to keep busy with my own hobbies - the NCAA Championships and MLB's opening day, and of course, the countdown to Oprah's final season. NFL please come back before I have to watch Maurice Jones-Drew trying to live out a dream as a jockey in the Kentucky Derby, or Larry Fitzgerald on Martha Stewart making a birdhouse.