Some call them Super fans! I would call them, those that missed the DARE campaign. *children of the 80's you caught that*

I mean really... when is it too much? When has one gone too far showing their support of their favorite team or player? I would say this right here is my prime example.. my exhibit one.

A Steelers fan painted his Mercedes as a tribute to none other than, Troy Polamalu. smh

Martin Reese, 27 wanted to show just how much he loves those Steelers and to do so this was the only way he thought he could show off his fandom. He spent 90 hours over the past three weeks on his 1983 Benz to make it a tribute to the AFC representatives in this years Super Bowl. sigh.... He hand painted the car black and yellow with pictures of Roethlisherger and Polamalu as the main attractions. sigh.... smh... and about to vomit.

Reese drove the car to Dallas but doesn't have a ticket to the game.

As yahoo so graciously gave their advice to this "fan", I will do the same. told this fan and I quote:

Our only piece of advice: Be careful if you ever drive the "Immaculate Mercedes" through Cleveland or Baltimore. Though we think it's a masterful work of art, it's hard to imagine Browns or Ravens fans agreeing.

Exactly yahoo.... exactly! In my eyes it's a "Immaculate piece of sh*t"