Here's another chance for me to write about the UFL! I've become very fond of the little start up league. As you know, I discovered them by accident this past NFL regular season. Since my little discovery... I've made mention of a few players I would love to send over to them. Players like Flacco and Haynesworth.

That being said, since Mr. Tiki wants to play so bad and no NFL team in their right mind would take him, he should go join the UFL. I know that's not what he had in mind when he decided to make his "comeback" but I really feel that's his only option. Teams have already made it clear they aren't interested in the return of Tiki with the Steelers being the first and others like the Dolphins saying "no thanks" in so many words.

When the season starts Tiki will be 36 and having not played in a minute, Tiki you really aren't appealing... AT ALL!

Someone who is interested, that would be former Giants coach Jim Fassel who as you should know, is now the president/GM and coach of the UFL's Las Vegas Locomotives. In the NY Daily News this week there was a quote that should make Tiki happy, "He says he wants to play in the NFL,” Fassel said. “If he wants to come play in our league, I would be happy to have him.” Isn't that sweet?! I mean really... throwing him a bone like that. Nice....

So here you go Tiki. Here's your chance at making a dollar. In the UFL you'll make between $50k and $55k plus bonuses which isn't close to the $860k base salary for a 10 plus season vet in the NFL but it's something right?

My vote is head on over to the UFL. It's the only place you're wanted. As far as the NFL goes...You are the weakest link~ GOODBYE!