First off, how the hell does a football player still owe ANYONE rent?! Second, what the hell is wrong with this kid that he won't pay his bills? He won't pay anyone. No wonder Deion Sanders is in the a**.

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys is being sued by a LANDLORD in Stillwater, Oklahoma for failing to pay his rent.

“He still has not paid us,” said Bryce Campbell, the manager for Jim Campbell Property Management, the plaintiff in the case. “He will not answer our calls.”

Campbell said Bryant’s lawyers told his company that if they signed a form agreeing to drop the case, the leasing office would receive a check within two weeks.

“We never received anything,” Campbell said, “and that’s been months ago.”

“We were kind of excited he got a contract,” Campbell said. “OK, the guy just didn’t have the money. Now he’s got a contract. Five thousand is nothing to him….He hasn’t even attempted to (pay).”

A NY jeweler also claims Bryant never paid $588,500 in jewelry, $15,850 in sporting event tickets and $11,000 in loans. These purchases were made between 2009 and 2010 while Bryant was at Oklahoma State.

No matter how ignorant he is, both of these photos are worth posting!

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