Lawrence Taylor was arrested for having had sex with an underage (girl) hooker and it looks like that really depleted what money he had left from his football career. Now he says he can’t afford $456 a week in child support which goes to the support of his sick 13-year-old daughter , the ex-Giant great claims in papers filed in family court last week in New Jersey.



“My income is generated solely by my popularity as a celebrity,” he says in the Bergen County filing. “The fact that I last played in 1993 and legal problems in Rockland County . . . have severely diminished my ability to obtain income. “I have no college degree or special skills other than athletics”


Now that explains everything! I was wondering why he was a Holiday Inn when he was busted. Now I know why. This also goes to my argument that these guys shouldn't leave college early to enter the draft and should do their four years and earn their degree. You never know fellas, it just may come in handy one day. You know, in case you need to get a job like us REGULAR folks in order to make ends meat! I'm just saying....

               This is the face of Broke- Busted and disgusted! So sad.